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acne healing yogurt

Okay so here is my story... I literally tried everything when it came to my acne. EVERYTHING. From extreme diet changes, gels, oils, laser, Accutane... the list goes on.  You name it, I tried it. While listening to a nutrition podcast (in hopes to cure my hormonal acne through fasting) I came across an interview with Doctor William Davis, where he was experimenting with a certain strain of probiotic and multiplying that strain by turning it into a yogurt.  Though he promoting this yogurt for its anti-aging benefits, virtually making wrinkles disappear (it works by the way) his talk about the wound healing benefits is what got my attention. Even though this may not be the answer to my acne, maybe it would heal these awful scars and wounds I had from it.

Throughout my life I've had breakouts, most of which I would call cyctic acne. While Accutane worked for a few years after I completed my run with it, when occasional breakouts arose, all the typical prescriptions would clear it up. At the rip age of 33, I was dealing with an awful case of hormonal acne brought on by my PCOS and being in my prime baby making age, I was afraid to go on anymore meds. Now I've had PCOS my whole life but for some reason these breakouts on my neck and jawline was the worst it had EVER been. 

I gave this homemade yogurt a shot (hey I had tried everything else, what the heck?) which included me purchasing an yogurt maker machine and some other supplies. It took two days to make the yogurt and the rest is absolute CLEAR skin history. Never in my life has my skin looked this good and I have never been able to leave the house without makeup, like I can now. And if I can tell you within DAYS of eating this yogurt it started to work. DAYS! I always vowed I share whatever finally worked and this worked for REAL! There's so much more I want to share about my journey (and I will elsewhere on this site) but if your eager to try to this magical yogurt the recipe is on www.acnehealingyogurt.com

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Hi, fellow PCOSer! :) Can you post before and after pictures? You also mentioned how you were taking it for scars, has it helped with that? 

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