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Prednisone "Prom / Wedding" Quick Fix For Breakouts - Question

I had to run in to my dermatologist for another pricy cortisone shot (my third ever) this week, as a closed comedone on my jaw became very inflamed with no sign of resolving. I told her I had an event in about a month, and did mention I had three other closed comedones on the side of my chin I was trying to get rid of. Hate them – they’re ticking time bombs, no matter how small they look. She told me derms sometimes prescribe prednisone as a quick fix before big events, like proms and weddings, and prescribed me 10 20mg pills. I have taken pred before when I had an allergic reaction to a supplement, so I'm well aware of all the fun side effects and whatnot. Makes my legs ache SO BAD.

However, here's where I'm confused. I was under the impression the only reason steroids can help acne (via injections or oral meds) is that they bring down inflammation. That's it. So they only work on inflamed spots like papules, cysts, and nodules. Closed comedones are, to my knowledge, categorized as non-inflammatory acne, even though they often become inflamed later on as part of their normal "life cycle," so to speak. Though some get lucky and they just vanish without a fuss.

I mentioned my confusion, and asked if I should only start taking the pred once the other spots started purging. She was in a hurry to get to her next appointment (took them FOREVER to prep my shot), and she said no, no, start it now, it'll work. But...why would pred do anything for non-inflamed spots? Is that even possible? Has anyone had pred affect their comedones, open or closed?

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