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Hi , i am 26 years old femal who have been suffering from acne for 8 years. My parents used to have severe acne so I believed it’s due to genetics. But i have an extremely oily skin and tends to severe acne earlier. I have visited many doctors and have tried every medication. These medication did help to control my acne for some time. I have open spores. 3 years ago i started using proactive and it did make a significant difference on my face as i used to have small bumps and whiteheads on my face most of the time. Since then i have been using but i did get whiteheads and bumps but not as severe as before. Since last December i started getting cystic acne around my jaw line and they were really stubborn. Apears one or two pimples and last for days and weeks. It didn’t answer for any of the medicine eventhough i was applying proactive for all these years. When i saw a dermatologist she gave me spironolactone and it brought whole difference to my skin. My skin appeared to be less oily. I got cystic acne rarely , and the bumps which were on my forehead disappeared. I was able to survive even without acne creams for days. But i was living in a country where it had humid and hot weather recently i had to move to UK and i had to stop taking spironolactone as i am unable to buy it without prescription. Week after moving in and stopping spironolactone i started getting cystic acne again on my jawline. They are very stubborn acne. I get one or two at a time and another apear when it fades away. Now i have very dry skin due harsh cold weather.i am suffering from cystic acne on my jawline and from left scars. I have stopped diary for a years now. I don’t take alchohol, do not smoke . Does anyone have experienced same struggles? If spironolactone help in prevent getting cystic acne does it mean am i having hormonal imbalance? What medical tests need to be done to find the cause of getting acne? 

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