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spacer.pnggood morning/afternoon/evening


i want to describe my acne journey and what i have tried so far. 


i have had had three sessions of dermalrolling (i can’t remember what size needle was) with zero improvement 


i did one session of rf infini with zero improvement 


i am from london and decided to go see dr asif hussein (dr h consults) and he said we can do laser.he went with erbium yag as i am asian and this is the one with minimal risks.  he seemed confident that it will improve my skin and although i have very little knowledge of what is best i thought it would improve too. it has been almost two weeks since laser was performed and i see zero improvement i which i am quite surprised and upset by. 

*please guys i really don’t want people to say having laser was a bad idea as i’m already really down about current situation*


i wanna understand why the erbium/yag had no improvement? because literally it’s none. is this common? 


i have attached before after/pics. please note the after pic i took with the most severe light. but unfortunately i can’t comment on achieving exact angle for comparison. 


these pitures were taken before the laser treatment 



Here are the after picture (i had to start another post, apologise) 


these picturs were taken about 8 days after dr used erbium/yag laser on my face.


from what i understand he used two different frequencies and it is fully ablative. also i took dr asif hussein (dr h consults) name from here under uk recommended 



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*i will refer to dr asif hussein as dr consults from hereon 


i spoke to dr h consults about all of this and i expressed my disappointment that there wasn’t one bit of improvement.


he advised me to wait until it all settles and to see him in a week which would make it exactly two weeks since treatment. i have only been sending him pictures on my update. 


the below picture which is marked dr consults commented that it is odd that the scar marked in below pic did not respond to lasering he said that it may need to be subcise as the lack of response could mean an element of tethering. 67796B06-CE5E-498E-89A9-271437947D7B.jpeg.020e13f3d171712ce65000f72e619e2b.jpeg

he said that this particular scar looked like an intradermal scar but it should have lifted out. It has not so he will have to try subcising it.

but even if that one requires subscision there are plenty of other scars surrounded that scar which look the same to me...



also my chin texture has always bothered me....i had huge amounts of acne in this area but after being under the care of a good dermatologist it has all cleared up and i’m left with these bumps. dr consults said the erbium will flatten them but alas it looks the same. see below picture of chin. dr consults described it as sebaceous hyperplasia and can be shrunk with hyfrecation or co2 laserBADDC97D-77F3-4E46-BF74-BF479A739C56.jpeg.0347ce14dbbbc9162c4112d1a567d0be.jpeg

fyi i was put on spironolactone for my active acne. started on 50mg went up to 200, still on this now (coming up to a year) 


dr consults wants to subscise and he has said that perhaps this was what he should have done in first place and has admitted that he may have been wrong with starting with lasers but he said that it didn’t look like i was a candidate for subscision and it’s only cuz cuz this particular scar (the one marked in picture above) has not responded to laser that he feels it needs to subscised 


dr consults said if subscision and co2 doesn’t work then he’d be very very surprised and he said after that it’s like we’ve done all we can.



*please guys i really don’t want people to say having laser was a bad idea as i’m already really down about current situation*


i know maybe this sounds weak but it’s all too fresh right now. what’s done is done. 



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