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Intense Acne on forehead and cheeks since four months

Hey, I'm 22 year old. With the start of summer past 4 months back, I started facing this acne on my forehead issue. At first it felt very, I changed facewash, started scrubbing my face often, but nothingness helped me, instead I started developing more in my cheeks, the texture isn't good now. I'm very depressed because of it, it's the first time when people are pointing out the acne... Please help me,I also used tree tea oil with Aloe vera gel since 3 months, but no results were observed!

There's lot of spot and scars on forehead and cheeks already, and I'm having very frequent breakouts.

Please help me in identifying the real issue, past month I thought it's fungal, I started using ketoconazole 2% shampoo, but after a week, my skin feels flaking. I tried Honey cinnamon mask also, but nothing helped at all.

Thank you for reading it. I'll really appreciate any help!






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like you said it could be fungal?

fungal acne spreads, can be caused by heat/sweating and can sometimes be itchy. from what ive read fungal skin problems will not respond to standard acne treatments or creams.

if it is a fungal problem maybe your doctor could prescribe you a cream to clear it up?

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