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My acne scars now bother me more than acne ever did


Just a quick vent.

I had acne from 11 to 27 years of age. At 27 I discovered that I could pay to see a private dermatologist (instead of using the rubbish NHS who never listened to me). I paid him to prescribe accutane to me and he obliged. 6 months later and after many years of suffering my acne was gone.

Fast forward 4 years and I am still clear of acne, but I hate these scars. They are a bit more obvious ever since I went on accutane.

I know, hand on heart, that if I never went on accutane I would have got more cysts and more scars. I bet now that at 31, I would still be getting cysts if I never took accutane.

The problem with scars is they are 100x more difficult, time consuming and expensive to treat compared to acne. My scars aren't as bad as some, but I have two that are really bad and it gets me down.

I've been battling acne / acne scars for 20 years in total and I feel like I have never known anything else. It's just so annoying!


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I hear that..


I was good for so long and then for a while there I started straying from my routine and ended up with nothing but permanent pitted scars and $3000 in cash down the drain. And the scars are still visible and annoying as fuck. Stupidest shit I could have done.


That's what sucks about this condition. You can do everything right for years, and then one slip up and it can fuck you up permanently. Like I say, fuck acne.


But that experience taught me a lot. And I'll never make that mistake again.


Good luck to you.

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