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Same pimple for 3 weeks...

Hi all,

I am on my last leg here. About three weeks ago, I had a bump in the crevice of my chin. I usually have whiteheads there that pop without issue, so I admit, I squeezed this one... big mistake. 

It popped several times the first 48 hours or so only to scab over, fall off to reveal fresh skin, and then a hard ball underneath. For a week and a half, every night a layer of skin would flake off and the ball would get smaller, but yesterday I woke up to a huge whitehead that easily popped and then popped more last night and this morning. 

What on earth can I do? The skin is so broken up by now and red that makeup over it makes it look like a big, white splotch on my face. I've been using maximum strength benzoyl peroxide and a salicylic acid spot treatment with zinc oxide at night to help the skin heal, but I'm really beginning to worry about scarring and whether this will heal.

At this point, the acne bump seems to be gone/flattened, but there is still a bumpy layer of what looks like new skin trying to heal over it. What is the best product to put on it to accelerate healing?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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sounds like you have been too aggressive with your skin. 

 in my experience, spot creams like you describe are good for killing off bacteria but are terrible for healing skin.

leave your skin alone for a few weeks - no creams, no picking. it should improve.

after that, you can look into exfoliation.


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