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8% TCA peel

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hi all.

haven't been here for a while.

i was thinking of buying a 8% TCA peel. anyone have experience with that ?

(i don't won't the effect of a full 20% tca peel that u have to stay at home for a week. i can't afford that now).

i was haveing an idea of spot treating it on pigmentation . for example - if i want to make a freckle disappear - i'll put it several times (in a few weeks interval) on the freckle.

i know that 20% tca makes you peel like crazy , but i thought that with a spot 8% peel - it won't haapen. and i will be able to leave home with no problem. etc.

what do you say ? and what about the 12.5 tca peel ? anyone had experience with the 12.5 home TCA peel ??

does it make you face peel visibly thaty and can't leave the house for a few days ?

and third qusestion .

do you think i can use a 8% or 12.5% tca peel to "make disappear" freckles from my BODY (let's say arms) and not only face ?

thanks all !!!

andd have a great day smile.gif

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I use an 8-9% TCA peel from time to time. It is not exactly gentle. For spot treatments, you will be able to leave the house, though the spots wil turn dark. For a full-face peel, you will likely have some down time. With 8%, it all depends on how much you apply, and if you layer it or not. The more you use, the greater the peeling.

12.5% is pretty intense.

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thanks so much. u helped me a lot.

a few more questions :

do u think a 8% can treat freckles on hand (and not on face for exaple)

also - you said that the freckles turn dark - which is good (cause i know that after that stage they will 'fall off' ) - so can the 8% remove freckles ? (i'm thinking of putting in on one freckle/pigmented spot at a time so that the "visible damage" for my face will not be so much shown. will it eventaully can remove my freckles ? smile.gif or at least some of them ? or i must go for a higher % ?

or maybe i can use a 12.5 to spot treat pigmentation .

my biggest fear is to go thrhough a full peel again - that i won't be able to leave the house for a week

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