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Acne Scarring - Type & Treatment Help!

Hi, I've had acne & oily skin for a long time, which reduced after I started using moisturizer &stopped over cleansing. I used to pick my pimples a lot, which caused all these scars. They look like boxcar scars but I am not sure as some look like icepick scars too. I would appreciate any advice on the most effective ways to clear them. Also, any advice on the type of hyperpigmentation and suitable treatment is much appreciated.

I visited a couple of laser clinics and aestheticians and they have below treatments:

Laser: ~$3000

Chemical Peels: ~$1500

Sublative Rejuvenation (Using RF technology)


Should I visit a dermatologist and ask for treatments like Subcision instead?

My current routine:

> Wash with Cetaphil AM & PM & Moisturize with Neutrogena Hydroboost Water gel

> Dermarolling with 0.5 MM roller once every 10 days or so & dermaplaning whenever I shave (Started last month)

> The Ordinary Retinol & AHA+BHA Peel once every 10 days

Left Cheek Scars Below

Right Cheek Scars Below


Full face below (Before washing my face. Dryness in beard area due to Minoxidil)


Another picture with Better LightIMG_7184.jpg.491ea59d598b0c03d159b8795872a822.jpg

Thank you!


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beautifulambition will give u better advice but tca cross and after things fill in lasers will work for ur scar type

and also ur skin is perfect.....the mild scarring which no one notices

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Your skin is actually really good, don't risk ruining it with invasive procedures. Maybe you could do a couple of tca peels, but be careful, because your skin is darker. Go to someone experienced. Also, I don't know what chemical peel can cost $1500 - maybe a phenol peel? Tca peels should be way cheaper than that. As for subcission, I don't see how it would help in your case, as it's meant for rolling scars mostly. I think it would do more harm than good.

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asset.JPG.14a9a90e3874352cb26ff31214673843.JPGThanks for the advice, guys. The chemical peel was 300$ for one treatment and they said I would need 4-5, which is why I wrote 1500. I will research more about the TCA peel, but do you think it will be enough for the scars on my right cheek? They are slightly deeper

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@victimofacne Hi there,the only "advice"" if you call it that above I agree with is your scars are not bad and if you over treat you can make things worse by bad dr's poor treatment. It's up to you to make the decision with a board certified Dr and not random strangers on the internet. 

I don't understand why prices were posted... This is like your price shopping. This is not how acne scar treatment is done. 

You have surface box cars and icepicks. 

I don't know what country your in, ... but in South Asia punch excision is popular for box cars and icepicks. TCA Cross is the choice treatment for icepicks, but you will have some discoloration after (part of the treatment). You have to prep with lightening creams.

Further treatment with rf needling can be used and or CO2 depending on your funds. Everything is optional, again... less is more (depending on your Dr's ability and your ability to heal).

No you do not want to do a acid peel. that does not address your individual scars. 


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Thank you for your kind response! I live in Seattle and I'll search for a good derm in the city. Please do let me know if you have any recommendations. I am already doing dermarolling. Is dermastamping significantly better than this? I was planning on buying Derminator 2 but stopped as I felt that cost:benefit ratio of dermaroller is better. Also, is there any such "At home" or not too expensive treatment for icepick scars?


I did not understand this statement:

"No you do not want to do a acid peel. that does not address your individual scars."

Isn't TCA cross (which you suggested for my boxcar scars) an acid peel treatment?

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@victimofacne Your welcome. Not many "good" aesthetic derms in Seattle. I get asked this all the time. We had a few and they lost favor with bad treatments. Checkout the FAQ linked in the main scar treatments sub, bottom of that, and find Seattle. 

Dermarolling is a very poor device, few providers even use this anymore. IT causes micro tearing of the facial tissues. We now dermastamp the scars only. the derminator is used because it target's scars, and is automated, cheaper than one Dr's treatment. But it's your choice what you use. You have box cars as well not just icepicks.

You state above a chemical peel, ... were getting into semantics here. $1500 for a "chemical peel" is never the cost of "Cross." You are right that a chemical is used but it's not a peel nor will it ever be one. Semantics. No Dr considers TCA cross to be a peel, it's a spot treatment using a different technique and % of acid to perform remodeling of icepick scars. 




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