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Why is RF microneedling good for rolling scars?

I know that subcision is often the best method for severe rolling scars. I also hear that RF microneedling works best on rolling scars among other types of scars. I’m guessing it works on shallow-moderate rolling scars. Whats the reasoning behind this? 

Also, if it is good for rolling scars, shouldnt microneedling with serum deliver similar results?

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@kevin4172 I do not have time to go into the mechanics of how rf needling works, lots of studies and papers out there, ... part of it takes a understanding of physics. No there is no preference with shallow or deep scars with rf needling (That is the operators skill). There is no reason behind this. In the simplest terms possible it acts as a laser, destruction of tissue, and regeneration of "collagen." 

NO Micro needling is NOT a laser, it's not a energy device. Is microneedling a microwave (sarcasm)... 

Needling is manual collagen stimulation, RF NEEDLING is like a laser.  No serum acts like a filler. This sounds like some scarless healing post, ... there is no magical serum to get rid of scars. 

You do the microneedling at home for scars monthly, you cannot blast yourself with a laser at home. 

There are no shortcuts. No special ways to DIY. Don't have they money then do subcision and tca cross once or twice a year and do your glycolic peels and dermastamping monthly at home. When you have the money do energy devices. These are highly skilled devices that are not "easy" to use. 

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