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Sculptra consultation?

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So, I am leaning on the fence of whether to get Sculpltra or HA next month. I know HA is for specifically raising each pits and sculptra is more for raising widespread scarring.  I have a fair amount of both and I think I can benefit from both. HA is temporary and Sculptra is semi permanent.  I heard HA is less skill and expertise than Sculptra.

How do I know an injector knows what he or she is doing with sculptra? What are some question I should ask before getting injected?

Does it have to be diluted?

Would an injector that treats wrinkles in old people have that expertise and make it work towards acne scarring?  

What are some of the side effects/negative effects associated with a bad sculptra injection or would It just be that I won't see an results?

Would doing RF micorneedle later with Sculptra help stimulate sculptra?\

Thanks ! 

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@joeysk You ask lots of questions, ask to see before and after pictures. Ask their experience. A Dr or nurse who does not use Sculptra will not inject with it, they will guide you to something else they use instead of they may refuse to use it. Look at their website.

All Sculptra is diluted.

Wrinkles means nothing to using a product, that can be used in various demographics. Lots of people use the product. We don't need to goto someone for acne scars to have it injected, ... just a expert injector.

I am not going to list all the side effects here, ... look it up on the internet. This is less than 1% of the respondents. Do you read all the bad things that can happen from bad antibiotics in the product leaflet with every pharmaceutical. Those who post on Real Self are complainers or that 1%, some do things to make complications like multiple procedures by different Drs. The 99% do not post there. Goto someone with experience, tat is all you need. If your afraid only get HA filler. 

Depends on the usage of the Dr doing it and your skin type, I cannot guarantee that. 

Sounds like your asking me all the questions I addressed before about these products. Best to see a expert injector and pay them for their consultation and to answer your questions. 

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Sounds like you could use both.   Seems like you have a decent understanding of their properties.  Use Sculptra for widespread volume loss for example sunken cheeks (due to deep scarring from cystic acne).  Then go in and fine tune with a filler for individual indentations.  You might need a robust filler for big scars, and maybe a thinner filler for more superficial scars.  But you may also need subcisions if the scars are tethered, otherwise that expensive filler will just donut around the scar and accentuate it. 

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