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What are these scars?

Hi everyone, 

I’m writing in hopes someone can tell me what these scars are and what the best treatment are for them. I am 20 and have dealt with acne for awhile now. I also have keloids on my chest and back but what I am most concerned about are the scars on my face. 

I’m currently out of my country of residence and I received a facial treatment for my acne in South Korea. I informed the doctor of a small raised bump on my nose and she proceeded to inject steroids shots into them. Although I know I’ve had these scars on my forehead and nose for a few years, they are much more noticeable now. Bumps on my nose that I wasn’t aware of are also apparent now. My main concern is that they are keloids and they will continue in growth. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance! 

Here are pictures of my scars. 


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@Heiwa Hi there, the pictures you provided are not very clear so I have a hard time seeing the issue. If your Dr is treating your for hypertophic scars then this is good. Steroid injections are part of the treatment and silicone patches afterwards. This is a ongoing condition where your body makes excessive tissue, There are some biologic immune suppressants but nothing that good for a few scars (side effects). Continue to goto the derm while your in Korea for treatment. Certain things can make the hypertrophic scarring worse. We have a whole section on hypertrophic scars in the FAQ under the main scar treatments sub, find the hypertrophic scar section.  

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