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Healing Hormonal/ Digestive Cystic Acne

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Hello!! So I am a long time lurker of acne.org. I have spent endless hours scouring this website for the past five years. So here is my story on how I was able to clear my skin. I went on various birth controls in my teenage years. (I am now 23). My acne started just around the same time I graduated high school I was about 18 or 19 when it first started. It started with one or two inflamed pimples around my mouth then over the years turned into about 25 extremely inflamed pimples/ cystic acne around my lips and mouth and on my chin. That was at my worst point. I have literally tried everything you can ever think of. I tried the normal dermatologist route with no luck. (antibiotics, topical creams and gels). The antibiotics worked but as soon as I went off of them my acne returned. I have tried just about every supplement including vitamins, hormonal balancers, antiinflammatory supplements such as curcumin and tumeric. I have tried every gut healing diet with some luck but it was so restrictive it wasn't realistic to stay on forever. I should also mention that I have been a vegetarian since around the same time my acne started. I never thought this connnected because I also went off of my mirena IUD at around the same time I went vegetarian. So anyways I had luck with the nuvaring. It completely cleared my acne but caused me to be very irrational and I felt no empathy towards other people. It also gave me migraines every day and drained my energy. So I went off that and my acne returned. I had had some luck with drinking bone broth/collagen products in the past but the flavor was too gross to keep drinking everyday. Until I went to the vitamin shoppe and found a collagen product that was mostly flavorless and contained 20mg of collagen per serving as well as tons of amino acids. This has completely gotten rid of the inflamed pimples around my mouth. I still get one or two whiteheads every now and then and a little bit of acne on my forehead but I am so happy with how clear my skin is without having to take poison such as antibiotics or birth control. I should also mention that I am gluten free ( it helps with digestion) and I have been for about two years. It did not really help my acne but maybe helped keep down a little bit of inflammation. I have been drinking the bone broth for about two weeks and my skin keeps getting better and better. I don't know if I will have to continue drinking forever or if once it heals my gut I can discontinue. Either way I don't mind it has both really helped my digestion and acne so for now I will continue. I hope this helps someone as it has helped me. Love you all and good luck on your skin journey. There is light at the end of the tunnel. 

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