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After struggling with acne for years I finally found a solution to swear by

Struggling with acne throughout my entire 20's has been such a nightmare and really affected my confidence. I didn't suffer from breakouts let alone even a pimple growing up until I hit my 20's. I incorporated tons of vegetables into my diet, drank a lot of water, eliminated the bad sugars and I still would break out. It was so frustrating. At one point I even met with a naturopath thinking it could be my hormones behind my acne (which of course didn't work after taking the expensive supplements that were advised for me). After using countless acne treatments, creams, and prescribed antibiotics from my family doctor I felt like there was no hope for my skin to get any better. Not only were the constant break outs discouraging but the acne marks that were left from each break out was super frustrating. BUT, I can honestly swear by this ... aloe vera plant. Finally my skin has been improving and it still has me shocked to be honest. Ive always heard that aloe vera is amazing for your skin but i never even bothered because I always felt like the solution had to be some certified acne treatment. I seriously wish i did this sooner. I bought a single aloe vera leaf at the grocery store (Chinese grocery store) and every night before sleep I cut a small part of it open and apply it to my entire face. It's sticky and pretty slimy when applying it but once it dries on your face it just feels like a light facial mask. I keep it on all night and wash it off in the morning. I swear by this.. my acne marks are less red and inflamed and it seems as if my skin is breaking out less .... this has been life changing for me and i only wish i did this sooner. Anyone who is suffering from acne please try this, because so far the results have been working wonders on me 

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