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Oily and sensitive skin, is there any hope?

Hello everyone

I have been battling very bad skin now for around 2 years when. 2 years ago I had bad cystic acne and got on accutane which cleared me. Now my acne is under Control, and the acne is not a problem.

Now a Days the problem is the state of my skin, and not the acne. Let me explain to you how my skin is:


I have acne prone skin, occasional small pimples.

Its very oily

Its very dull

Its a bit dry

Its very sensitive

Easilty irritated

Alot of acne scars


and I have no idea how to treat it. I hate my skin and it really puts me down mentally. I badly need help, I would do anything for a good skin.


Right now, my routine is the following:

note: I never wash my face more than two times a day. I also never Cleans in the morning, but I Always do it in the night. I only use moisturizer in the evening since my skin produces alot of oil during the day.


La roche Posay gentle cleanser 

The ordinary Niancide serum - I use this to combat my very oily skin

Lastly I use a Basiderm Moisturizer for oily skin.

Once a week I use a exfoliating mask.


Routines ive used Before:


Salicylic acid cleanser for oily skin (this dried me out a bit too much and did not limit oil production)

Moisturizer for oily skin



La roche Posay gentle cleanser 

Epiduo Forte

Basiderm Moisturizer for oily skin.

This routine had limited results, my skin was a bit less oily but since epiduo is irritating i was often a bit red and dry which gave me a even worse dull complexion. 



Basiderm oily skin foam cleanser (oily skin was limited for a couple of Days, then it became normal, at the same time my skin became very red with this cleanser)




It feels that my skin is stuck, I have had the same post inflammatory erythema on my skin on some places for almost 2 years, they just never dissappear. It feels like every red spot I have takes forever to fade. Within 3 hours my skin is noticably oily, which I can feel and also see in mirrors, when it becomes oily it also looks very dull (usually everyday, but some Days it looks fine). To top it off, I have pretty Deep acne scars on my chin and forehead, and when my skin becomes oily and dull the scars look way worse. 


Has anyone had any luck treating the issues that im facing?

I feel like if I treat my dull and sensitive skin, my skin stays oily.

And if I treat my oily skin my dull and sensitive skin gets worse or stays the same (usually worse it seems)


Please anyone, if you have the same problems im facing and you have managed to treat it, PLEASE let me know!


Regards Carl




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Hello there, 

I think you should rub ice over your face for 10 minutes regularly and see changes in your skin.

I hope it will work best for your skin and acne.


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I too have very sensitive acne prone skin. I struggled with acne for 4 long years, then I figured out that chemicals doesnt suit my skin. SO i used natural ways to wash my face. Find your own natural face wash in the kitchen that suits your skin type and give way to healthy and supple skin. I guess that's the secret why our grandmothers have clear skin, because they never used chemically loaded face wash ! Think and give it a try. What have you got to lose ? RIGHT ? Here's what i call NO FACE WASH METHOD " which cleared up my skin.

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