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How to not feel so depressed about my acne scars?

So I never suffered with acne as a teenager and then bam I hit 25 and started getting severe adult acne..I went on Diane 35 pill which eventually cleared it after 5 months..but now I’m left with deep pitted acne scars across both my cheeks. I’m so self conscious of this and it’s making me severely depressed..especially as I use to be really pretty before I had the scars (sorry I don’t mean to sound vein) but I feel like my looks is the only thing I’ve ever had going for me in my life..as I’m not smart,lacking financially and don’t have much drive in life.now I don’t want to go out the house or even to the local shops or see anyone at all! Because I’m afraid people will be like “omg I seen Paige and her face is so bad now what happened to her” and I use to love working out now I don’t see much point in doing that anymore cause I think well my face is fucked so guess it doesn’t really matter how my body looks..I just don’t know what to do anymore I’m currently doing microneeding rf for my scars after 2 treatments I’ve probably seen a 30% improvement..and I have 4 more to go..but in the mean time till this treatment works..I don’t know what to do with myself as I don’t ever even wanna get out of bed..I should mention I also have a 6 year old daughter and I feel as if I can’t give her all my focus as I’m always so depressed about these scars :( so my question is how do you guys stop yourself from feeling depressed about your acne scars? Or what do you guys do for a pick me up? As I’m so emotionally drained.

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