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I’ve been using Acne.org products for four years now. Great results. Can finally stand looking in the mirror again. 

I have run into a recent problem though. When I use my BP certain parts of my forehead turn red and stay red for about 3 days, but when I put it on the rest of my face it’s fine, no redness at all. So I took a 2-week break from my forehead and then I tried again and yep when I woke up the next morning only certain spots were red and scabby on my forehead.

At this point, I’m legit freaking out. I wouldn’t be worried if it was my whole face or whole forehead, but it’s literally only certain spots on my forehead. 

When I don’t put BP on that certain spot it’s not red, but you can see it’s patchy, extremely oily,peeling, and a ton of blackheads. 

Any ideas what this could be? Thanks. 

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Hi educatedandhumble, 

There is a possibility that you have combination skin meaning some parts of your face are more prone to dryness than the other areas. To avoid dryness and irritation on the sensitive parts of your skin, we would recommend that you use more of the Acne.org Moisturizer on those areas. You may use it as often as needed until your skin has adjusted to the Acne.org Treatment. You may also add 5-6 drops of the Acne.org Jojoba Oil for additional moisture. 



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