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How I Overcame Acne/Picking | What Works/Doesn't Ect. Scars

I'm going to try and keep this short and simple because I know you are all busy but I think that I might be able to help someone going through this. I've been meaning to post this for a few years but I've been busy and so here it is - my advice after being a chronic picker and dealing with crippling social anxiety and mild acne.

I dealt with acne from roughly age 14 - 24 and I was a chronic picker. I would wake up in the morning and immediately go to the mirror where I would pick and try and extract the acne that I had. In my mind if I could get something out of the zit/pimple/submarine - I was successful and it would heal quicker. This is false almost always! I would mess with every kind of acne, the zits and pimples I would pop, the submarines I would try and get down to. I would literally press my face over and over even as clear liquid would come forth at the hope of finally getting a pop or extracting some of the material I thought was inside.  Unless it is a certified pimple where if you barely press it you can extract what is inside of it - leave it alone! And even if you do, make sure you clean it up. Don't dare try and mess with the deep acne, which kind of hurts and may seem inflamed but you can't actually see any real head - known as submarines. This is what I've come to know as being true - 99% of the time you mess with your face IT WILL ALWAYS LOOK WORSE than if you just left it alone. Turning that small zit that you could rupture from something you can't notice from a couple feet away into a noticeable red spot. Your body will heal on it's own if you give it the right conditions. I've found that using organic jojoba oil or other things healthy oils like that to moisturize your face is the best way to promote healing. Put some on and then after a few minutes dry pat it with a towel. I've tried the dry acne environment route and it didn't work for me. It's not even that I had bad acne, it's that I would pick and mess with it and end up with 10/15 + red and inflamed spots and scabs all on my face. My advice is to get a job or do something that keeps you busy and not thinking about it. I know it's horrible to even go out into public looking like that and it truly destroyed a part of my personality but once I was made to get a job and I found myself not focusing on it - it helped tremendously. Around age 23 I got cysts for probably half a year, where sometimes for example if I would open my mouth really wide and fluid would come out of some of the large inflamed spots but that went away relatively quickly - with these I would recommend trying to drain - just because they are kind of ready to do that and it doesn't involve you really breaking your skin. As far as the average zit/pimple though - Just let it heal on it's own. They will eventually come to a definite head and you will for sure know or the zit will just scab up after a few days and be flaked off. It took a good month or two of not picking for my face to actually start looking decent and now I use the organic oils and they have helped reduce the ice pick scars I've developed and especially one of the scars that formed on my jawline which is the opposite of the ice pick - it is pushed out. What really helped me is that when you go to the mirror(which I just ended up avoiding and stopped focusing on my appearance), make it a habit to say to yourself. IF I MESS WITH THIS IT IS GOING TO LOOK WORSE - LEAVE IT ALONE!

Here is some hard preaching that has changed my life and that I believe will be a blessing to you as well.




The Bible Way to Heaven - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDEBz25lGdY&t=26s

Once Saved Always Saved! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hycjHApNNOM&t=232s


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