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Long time since I posted here, follow up/next steps?

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Some of you may remember me for seeing Dr Novick a couple years ago. Overall Im satisfied with the work he did. I did get some permanent lifting from the procedure, but of course I still have scars.


Maybe its because its summer, but lately Ive been feeling like my scars are getting darker than they were. Im kind of tired of spending money on expensive treatments when I will always have scars, but idk.

In the past 6 years ive done 3 fraxels, 7 derminators at home, and two subcision with fillers. There is improvement with these treatments, but of course youre always going to want more. 


Would it be worth it to do a co2 laser session? Or perhaps a series of vbeams?


Im 29, with 10k in the bank. Expensive treatments kind of got me behind where Id like to be financially and Im starting to take preparing for my future more seriously. Im looking for something to generally blend my scars together as opposed to lifting them. If so, what is the best co2 laser these days? 





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@QuanHenry Hi Quan, I am sure you remember me, I have helped you extensively. Novick has lost favor as of late because of his extremely expensive procedures compared to others even in NYC, and his refusal to update his procedures ... look in the FAQ - pinned in the main scar treatments sub, the bottom of that find NYC. Even Khrom could treat you. 

$10K my man, ... go see Dr Lim haha. Dr Rullan is quite good as well in San Diego. But there are some things you could do locally. I remember your case, fat loss, atrophy, rolling scars, and now I read hyperpigmentation. Have Khrom do cannula subcision 3-8 sessions of them, inject sculptra directly after that is a bio stimulator and makes more collagen. She also does RF needling so you can do those sessions between. For Hyperpigmentation I would do a pulse dye laser - wear sunscreen daily!!!! 

Don't even worry about CO2 until you fix the depth of the scars and are pleased with that, ... co2 is for texture. You could even do Fully ablative ERbium resurfacing - scition, or  Jplasma (both of these are in the east coast) last or a very aggressive deep peel with Dr Rullan who specializes in this for acne scar patients (long downtime - but makeup can be worn). 

Before I give you more ... do you have updated picture with a flashlight or directional lighting, want to be accurate. Tell me what bugs you most in them. Takes me 24-hrs to respond as I get 100+ of the worst acne scar cases a day to help by PM, thanks for your patience ;-)

I will recommend topicals when I see the updated pictures

- BA


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I logged in because you have a special place in my heart.

You were a fairly vocal critic of laser in the past; why don't you just continue subcising and filling on a bi-annual period? From what I recall, those treatments yielded you the most improvements. At age 29 you will also begin experiencing skin changes related to aging which may result in worse looking scars. Even if smooth skin is never achieved with surgery, those slight improvements take a huge weight off the shoulder. People with scars need frequent up keep is my opinion. 

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As far as the depth of my scars go. I think the Novick subcision was an overall success. Its been a couple years since he did them and they have come closer to the surface. Given his price I left some scars untouched that still need lifting. The ones I was able to hit 3 times all look pretty close to surface, but are looking more pinkish as of late. Any idea what Dr Krohm charges? Im not looking to spend the whole 10k but if the prices are reasonable Id love to hit the scars I couldnt afford to get to.



Ive tried a lot of things and had time to think about it. You can do subcision all you want but the edges of the scar will still sit at the surface. Its like even though subcision lifted my scars closer to the surface, they have permanent pinkish discoloration and the color is looking particuarly blotchy and wprse than usual lately. Maybe its just because its summer and the sun is getting to them, idk. I think laser has a role in treating scars, but they are the most overhyped thing Ive ever seen. I still think subcision is the best thing you can do for scars, but it still takes a little bit of everything, unfortunately.


As far as aging goes, Im keeping an eye on it. People still think Im in my early 20s based off my face so Im lucky there. The scars are just looking more pink and purple than usual.


The only reason Im considering co2 laser is because most of my scars are pretty shallow at this point. The ones I had subcised 3 times are doing well. Im also considering taking accutane for the first time because I keep breaking out every 4 months or so, with about 10 zits that take a year to fully go away. Though, if I could find a good doctor to do subcision at a good price that would be my first choice. There were some areas I never got to with Novick because of the price.

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do you have pics before and after? how did derminator help vs boxcars. I personally have one as well, I am wondering if it's worth continuing or it will hurt the recovery of actually in-office treatments. same age as you btw.  Also sunscreen man, it will stop from hyperpigmenting. Cross also eliminated all hyperpigmentation in my deep scars, now my goal is to stop it from hyperpigmenting again.  

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@QuanHenry Khrom is $1000ish for Can Subcision, Rf Needling and Sculptra (this will also help with aging - as it makes collagen production) I am told. So that is quite reasonable to do a few sessions. Do a consult and see how you feel about her. Also do consult for fully ablative laser resurfacing with Dr. Alizadeh (Plastic Surgeon) and Dr Kosari in North Carolina. Dr Rullan is in San Diego if you wish to go with the deep peel.

Regarding redness a combo of pulse dye laser can be helpful for this, a nightly retinoid will help, wearing sunscreen, vitamin c serum, niacinamide, and something like the pca hydroquinone free pigment gel nightly. The sun can exasterbate the redness or texture of scarring. 

With 10K you have enough to do a few treatments with any of the providers, then do some sort of resurfacing procedure for the texture. OF course you can see Dr Lim as well if you so wished in AUS.

- BA

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I do have before/afters. I still feel like pictures can be very misleading to track progress on acne scars. I usually look at videos I have. I can tell you subcision is the best thing Ive done.


Im going to get in touch with Khrom. If he can actaully do my face for around 1000 I couldnt turn that price down.

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With 10k I would go to Singapore or Korea. 

Edit: Remove By MOD - Advertising for a Korean Clinic. 


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@QuanHenry How did things turn out?  Are you still in the Delaware Valley?  If so, why did you not seek out Dr. Ringpfeil with her $500 subcision (full face from what I was told)? I'm seeing her on the 19th IF she offers cannula subcision.

My experience with Dr. Novick was not a good one and I started a thread on that. He didn't subcise me but instead chose only to lay a trianular area of Voluma on each cheek.

Seeing some of your newer pics would really help us at the forum see how different treatments look long term.

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