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On Roaccutane 6 weeks period /spotting

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I have been on Roaccutane for 10 weeks now. Starting dose 40mg per day, 20 morning 20 evening. All usual side effects dryness, skin and lips, some joint pain and mild nose bleeds, couple of times only.

My period started as normal, (I am 14 so not very consistent flow or length, sometimes 4/5 days sometimes up to a week).

But then this period just keeps on going!!!!

Not a heavy flow, light almost pale blood for some days and then brown and then hardly any, but still there, 2-3 days nothing and then starts again!?!?! 

I have no pain or cramps and never soak through the pad. 

When I told my dermatologist he said to come off the medication and do some tests and see a gynaecologist. 

I’m currently off the medication for 4 days and am waiting for remaining blood tests to arrive, my ultrasound was good, but as I was in the middle of purge when I came off the meds I worry I will get horrible cysts ( already there)that would not heal without the help of the Roaccutane and will scare me terribly.

Has anyone else experienced such long menstrual cycle on Roaccutane? 

 I am terrified I will have to stop and all was for nothing 







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