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Scarring from accutane

Hi there

I’ve used accutane 3.5 years ago 4 times for mild acne. It went gone no scars no acne. In meanwhile i gave birth to my baby’s. 4 month ago i gave birth. I was getting 2 weeks ago oily skin nothing big and here and there a spot, my doctor gave accutane 20 Mg because she sad nothing else works on you. So from day 1 till day 13 i was getting every day scarring lineair scars with a depth mixed scars. I’ve got so depressed, i imedatly stopped the accutane because that’s only thing was new to me. I have two children who deserves a mother 24/7 but this hase getting me so depressed. Before this i was so happy all day long. They are over my face. What can i do stop the scarring en treat them please help me please i’m willing to fly. I went to dr Chu and Emil but i need a another doctor who understand it’s from the accutane and to treat while just been of accutane. Please i Will be you forever thankfull

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@Sila Some people react poorly to Accutane (side effects). IT can be tough on the liver, kidneys, and a whole list of other side effects, look them up ;-) Depression is also a symptom with Accutane, It can mess with your hormone levels and of course you just had a kid(s) so that could be out of balance. 

Emil is a great Dr, I don't understand what the problem is. Yes he believes in Accutane, he is a Dr after all. 

Fly to Dr Lim if you wish. I don't get what Emil could not treat. Are you asking for your acne to be treated without Accutane, a bit unclear here. Why would it matter if they believe in the Accutane being the cause or not if they can treat the problem - scars. 

You sound like you need a general dermatologist not a procedural dermatologist. Have they tested your hormone levels for possible Spiro a drug for hormonal acne? Otherwise IPL could help, photo facials to kill the bacteria. I'd have to see a picture to know what I am recommending though.


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