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The foods that have cleared me up this time!

I post here every so often, as I usually live in places where it is extremely hard to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet, so I deal with mild inflammatory acne and clear it up when I move to a place I can.

This time I had very bad inflammation with awful skin tone and was able to get my skin completely clear within a fortnight, so I thought it might be helpful for some! I also post here, so that I can refer back to it when I move again and forget!

I've noticed that the thing that has the biggest impact on my skin is Omega 3. When I stop taking it I get inflammation. This time I found a high strength one that is amazing, called Nordic Oil.

To clear my skin this time I had:

* Limited caffeine (aiming to cut it out completely, but enjoy a morning coffee)
* Nordic Oil (800mg+ of EPA/DHA combined)
* 2 Brazil nuts a day (for selenium)
* High antioxidant foods (berries, amla powder, green tea, barberries)
* Wheatgrass juice drinks and occasionally veg/fruit smoothie
* No dairy (coconut cheese & almond mil instead)
* No white foods (but I don't eat these anyway)

I also took evening primrose oil and NAC. 

After one session of microdermabrasion, my skin was beautiful in that the final lingering marks nearly went entirely. First time of no spots in 9 months! Super happy. Without doing the above I have had lingering inflammatory acne for months permanently, as I couldn't access most of the things I have now added into my diet.

I find that what I add into my diet has a MUCH bigger impact than what I cut out since I eat relatively healthily anyway. If anyone else is like me and has spent months obsessing over foods to avoid, I would say that this mindset change has made the biggest impact on me. I focus on acne-fighting foods, rather than seeing food (except sugar and dairy) as triggers. Previously I've thought that all sorts of things can trigger my acne, but the truth is that they are a much smaller piece in the puzzle when skin is nourished from within! 

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