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How to Identify Hormonal Issues?


So I've had acne for a long time and of course I've come to learn how to id when it is correlated with hormones. However I am curious about what is "regular" for hormonal acne/hormones in general. Essentially, I'm wondering at what point does one get tested for any sort of hormonal issue?

My first derm many, many years ago said that my hormones seemed "regularly out of balance" meaning my regular is another's irregular I guess. I had to stop seeing this dermatologist for other reasons so we never fully explored what that meant. 

I've always had oil production issues related to acne but also sweat production. I sweat like a mad man and my doctors have said it's hormonal but nothing to worry about, just need to use extra strong deodorant (although one recommended some sort of injections but no thanks). My oil over-production also impacts my hair; my hair reacts very strangely to regular shampoos and essentially doesn't clean it's a weird problem that I am slowly figuring out the best management strategies for. 

As for my period, I think it's pretty normal. I can have excruciating cramps the first two days of my period, and then it calms down. My menstruation hormones seem to be average for someone my age, and I do breakout more during this time like most women. The only thing I think is slightly off is the cycle, except within the past year it's finally gained some rhythm. 

Essentially, I'm wondering if there are other folks who struggle with hormonal acne, and also struggle with hormonal oil production in other parts of their body and how they handled it. Did you tackle one at a time? A solution for all? Did you figure out why your hormones were out of wack? (I've been like this since I was a pre-teen, so nothing has really changed other than good ole puberty.) 

Also, if you are like me and have excessive oil production in other places, did any of your lifestyle changes help? When I was dairy free (which I am transitioning back to currently) I only noticed an acne change.

Of course I'm paranoid that there could be something else wrong, but it never hurts to get your hormones in balance!

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