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The Regimen and Scars

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Okay a little question:

Can the BP GEL(no matter which %, 2,5/5/or 10) cause scars? Or is it just that if you use bp gel on a pimple that pimple becomes red/purple?

Cuz in my case, iv had some pimples in my forehead, i used bp on it. And a few days later there are purple spots? Will they stay forever or go away by time redface.gif ?

Just wondering!!Thanks!!

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well mostly red

but i have also had a dark mark which you could call purple,

it takes pretty long to go, a few weeks, diffrent from person to person

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i had a cyst for about two weeks and when it left it left a purple spot. i thought that it would never go away....anyway it stayed for close to 3 months and now its completely gone. i wouldnt worry about the spots because they do fade, but it takes time, dont try to provoke it.

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If you look in the F.A.Q section it says this:

Q: How do I get rid of the red marks left after the blemish goes away?

A: Here is a quote from the American Academy of Dermatology and Roche Laboratories:

"A red mark on the skin called an erythematous macule will fade in four to six months after an acne outbreak - but it may get temporarily redder when your skin gets hot or when you exercise. This red macule is not a scar, and is not permanent. In a dark skinned person, the macule may appear as a darker patch on the skin. This is not a scar, either."

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