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Donna Smith

Thank you! "Aussie" Blessed Day! Fungus and a cyst success

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Posted (edited)

I just wanna say thanks to this site and forum. To ALL ots members who arent afraid to tell thiervstory, post pics, ask questions.   And to Aussie Scientist.

My skin is softer than when i was in my 20s, clearer,  and the most recent and (I truly believe will be the LAST ONE I HAVE) lesion on my mouth is getting better, slowly but nicely. I would of kept digging at it but Aussies Scientists and other members posts, pictures, stories and guidance helped me so much. I had a cyst of some kind rupture there too in lowest part of lip line.. that i dug out somehow, and those wierd bumps with hard white stuff in one on upper lip that cane with this breakout are gone now.. The stuff was all over the left skin by mouth. Infection controlled..  no Mrsa no Staph and i picked the heck out of a huge area about 1.5  inches wide or more. Sone white hard plugs removed, stopped trying to find them after the Lotrimin did its magic.YES LOTRIMIN!!! MY doc has me on Keflex Antibiotic. Only another day of pills. SEEING DERM TUES WILL WALK OUT IF THEY EVEN LOOK AT ME FUNNY. 

Doctors dont understand. They been useless to me. I GOT ANSWERS HERE AND I PLAN ON INFORMING MY DOC AND DERM OF THIS ISSUE. HOW TO PROVE IM RIGHT? I DUNNO. TAKE A SKIN SAMPLE, BIOPSY? . REVIEW MY PHOTOS AND CHANGES.?  I see it. Partner sees and agrees im on right track with my regimin. Even coworkers see change in skin. 

Now, these lesions i have had in past.for 30 years.  Most recent one in may. None prior to that for year or two. I now 100% believe fungus played a role in last breakout and prior.. They have come n gone for 30 years, . Nose, cheeks, chest, neck.. from the age of 18. Im 48 now. And left some nasty scars...most have  faded a lot i am  lucky. 

Ok im going overboard but im so happy to have found a real solution to a really difficult problem

Thank you thank you thank you. Now I pray i can get nose job one day. Lol

Ill try n add more pixs to post of how terrible i looked before my last flare up. And during, and after. The flare up was a blessing in disguise. My face is almost symmetrical again.! Yeah!

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Thanks Donna, for your VERY kind words

Can you stop taking the antibiotic ? If you are only taking it for acne, then I stronglysuggest that you stop taking it because (as you now know) you have fungal acne, not ordinary acne. Antibiotics do NOTHING for fungal acne - they causefungal acne and they make fungal acne worse.

The antibiotic will do nothingfor the fungal acne (except slow down the improvement from applying the antifungal cream). Taking the antibiotic will reduce the ability of your immune system to control pathogens, and taking it will cause other health problems (gut problems, etc.) due to destruction of "good" bacteria in your gut and elsewhere, by the antibiotic.

If you do see a doctor or dermatologist, be very careful talking about this site or any information that you have received from this site. Doctors/dermatologists don't like people taking responsibility for their own health.

Doctors do NOT like sites such as this one, because they think that only they know how to solve health problems (how wrong they are!). Your doctor/dermatologist will likely become very angry that "ordinary people" are solving their own health problems....

Please be careful....

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Yes your right about doctors attitudes!  Amazing how rude they are. I just tell them i read in magazines online. 

And the antibiotic i was rx to prevent secondary infection . I am finished with it.  Taking probiotics. Got a white tongue again. 



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Thanks Donna

You can fix your white tongue, which is caused by candida (ie, thrush, which is candida) by doing one or more of the following - take oral Nilstat (which is safe) and/or swish 1% hydrogen peroxide around your mouth (dilute 3% peroxide down to 1%) and/or use mouthwash and/or suck on Dequaden lozenges.

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