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Nape of neck acne - help

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So I have acne bad on the back of my neck. I just shaved to show what it looks like. Normally I have much longer hair.  But I've been getting breakouts here. What can i do about it?


I've tried benzoyl peroxide, and antifungals. And other things. No luck


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Posted (edited)

Have yo taken antibiotics recently, and if so which ones ? Do you have dandruff ? Do you have a white coating on your tongue ? Depending on your answers to these questions you probably have fungal "acne" (which is caused by taking antibiotics generally) or gram negative "acne" (folliculitis) which is caused by taking tetracycline or doxycycline. 

I realise that you have tried antifungals, but one has to use the correct antifungal for the particular fungus. A white tongue indicates candida fungus is the cause of the "acne" - nystatin cream is the best treatment for candida fungal acne. Dandruff indicates malasezzia fungus - terbenafne cream is the best treatment for malasezzia fungal acne.

From the look of the photos, I suspect you have malasezzia fungal acne (or possibly gram negative acne/foliculitis.... ?? )

I can provide further information if you get back to me with answers to the above questions.

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I'm way ahead of you. After doing some research I came to the same conclusion and started using antifungal shampoo and cream.  


And the white tongue is a constant for me. Because I have a genetic trait that makes my tongue white all the time. And I do have dandruff and seb derm.


Is there any more info you can give me?

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Can I ask which type of anti-fungal cream did you use without success ?

Are you sure that your tongue is white because of a genetic trait ? If a doctor has told you that, I would not necessarily believe it. Doctors know nothing about fungal problems, and they "make things up". Doctors often tell people things that are wrong.

A white tongue usually indicates a candida outbreak. I'll come back to you with info. abouit conyrolling candida, after you let me know how reliable the genetic trait diagnosis is, if that is OK. Do you have unexplained headaches or unexplained tiredness or feelings of disorientation (or brain fog), or ongoing sinus problem ? These are all signs of candida.

Dandruff and seb derm are caused by malasezziafungus (which is different from candida fungus). So you definitely have malasezzia. (You could have candida and malasezzia, but we'll come back to the possible candida issue after I hear back from you).

From the look of the photo, I think the problem on your neck is probably caused by malasezzia fungus, and you definitely have a malasezzia outbreak, as indicated by dandruff and seb derm. . The best antifungal cream for controlling malasezzia is terbenafine cream (sold as Lamisil). The best antifungal shampoos for malasezzia contain climbazole (not to be confused with clotrimzole).

Can you buy Lamisil cream (or Lotrimin ULTRA cream which contains butenadine which is similar to terbenafine) without a prescription in your country ? You can do this in the US, if that is where you live, and in most Asian countries and in Australia. You should be able to find a shampoo which contains climbazole. Let me know if you cannot, and let me know which country you are in, and I'll provide some information about obtaining shampoos with climbazole.

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