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Retina, Duac, Minocycline....aye aye aye

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More than a month ago I went to see a Dermatologist and was prescribed Tetracycline and Duac Gel. I saw literally no results at the one month mark, of course, I hadn't been doing any worse, and I could see some scars, which in my case was a good thing, that meant a small patch was clearing up, but I got a huge cyst on it, so now I can't see them anymore tongue.gif.

Anyways, so my dermatologist turned out to be one jerk, he broke his arm so he couldn't see me for 2 more weeks, howver my perscriptions were up, so I couldn't get them filled. So I went to my pedatrician, who knew a bit more than the derm did. She talked to me about my face, told me ways to keep the oil away during work (I realize a fast food restraunt doesn't help my face, but we're like family there, I can't leave sad.gif ), and how to keep the acne toned down. She said I should really switch to Retina for the moment, and since Tetracycline was making me sick and gassy, I switched to Minocycline (which is not making me sick at all!).

So I got the Retina today, but I'm afraid to use it. I've been reading so many different responses, from the horrible inital breakout (which can last for months..thats horrid!), do the little resutls it will give you afterwards, I'm afraid to make any decisions!. I wanted to know, if I used the Retina at night..after washing my face and my Duac in the morning (to fight the bacteria of the intial breakout), will that help my face and the inital breakout at all? Or is tht just going to dry me up and make things worse?

This might have been posted, but I figured I'd make a newer thread. Thanks for the help all!

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the same regimen made my face worse than it ever was, and it's months since I stopped using it

now even BP can't clear up my forehead...

but everyone is different

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I used Retin-A Micro (.1%) and Ortho-Tri-Cyclen and I feel as if the overall annoyance of the initial break out was worth it. For the first week and a half of using the combo, I didn't see much of a difference in my skin at all, except that it may have improved slightly. Around about the two week mark, the dreaded breakout started and it was hell, I won't lie! Big papules and lots of whiteheads and blackheads. Real nightmare, honestly!

I used cetaphil facewash twice a day and cetaphil moisturizer in the mornings. I steeled myself against picking and things of that nature as much as I could and just took it week by week. By week 5 I could see that the breakout was slowing down and around about week 12 my face was pretty much completely clear. I still get one or two zits around the time of my period, but they are much smaller and go away quite a bit faster than they did before. I do have some residual red marks left over from the initial breakout, but I'm planning on researching Smoothbeam treatments to get rid of those.

I do wear a light foundation and some concealer everyday and with those two cosmetics, my face looks much better than it did a few months ago when I started the Retin-A Micro and Ortho-Tri-Cyclen combo.

Good luck!

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I don't think using duac in the morning will probably have much effect on your initial breakout. I am using RAM and benzaclin. I know everyone is different, but my initial breakout only lasted for about five days- it wasn't that bad at all. It was definitely worth it. The worst part of the RAM was the stinging/burning and the redness, but my face is looking really great. I don't really wear makeup anymore and am actually wearing my hair in a ponytail. It has been a little over six weeks. I guess you will never know what it will do unless you try it.

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