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For all those who have tried Minocycline

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No more dizzyness for me now. I am on day 10. I have a couple of small little whiteheads. Thats about it though.

Any advice on how to make skin feel smoother howeverr?? I dont think the mino will help with that. But who knows, its only been 10 days.

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I have been on minocin on two occasions during my short(ish) life. First was in the first couple of years of Uni...so 19-20 and it seemed to work like a dream. Although, I spent a semester in the US and found myself really really photosensitive....a poor Scottish boy that just wasn't used to the sun! The second time was until I started roaccutane a month ago. On this occasion, it had been a year on 100mg of Minocin MR plus topical retinoids.

I guess my acne had always been "moderate" although was bothered with some cysts and scarring. Minocin probably kept more serious breakouts at bay, but certainly didn't help clear up the more stubborn acne. I was also concerned about the effects of long-term antibiotics not least cos I'm a doc and I see it everyday at work. It fucks up your gut flora (even with probiotic supplements) and I have no doubt leads to potential antibiotic resistance.

I dunno what you guys think, but the bottom line for me is that if after 6 months you see no improvement I'd consider that a relative indication for 'tane. As we all reiterate...it's the only chance of "cure". That said, I would try the minocin first...cos it did certainly work for me once.....

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