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Liver flushing and colon cleaning clearing my long term chronic acne

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I haven't been on this in a while - surely a good sign!


It saddens me when I see the amount of people ruling out and try to debunk liver flushing on this site, it could help so many of you, some of the benefits Ive experienced so far: 


Better gum health (look into studies re gum disease in subjects with liver disease)

Curing my chronic food intolerances - couldn't even look at milk/gluten/sugar etc before, NOW I CAN EAT ANYTHING, barely  triggering my acne, only getting tiny red dots the next day after eating shit food which subside the day after (reactions lessen after eat flush) I can eat dairy without fear now, I'm drinking raw milk now each day to put on mass- no ill effects!!

I've done plenty of other things, gut healing protocols helped cure my ibs c, but LFing is the final key to the acne puzzle for me.


Please never give up. I've had acne from 13-25, took antibiotics at 18 which caused a fucking myriad of health issues which I'm almost done healing from now.

Read up on the law of attraction/manifestation (another crucial piece for me), 



You can heal, You can do it, I believe in you!!

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