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Going for Subcision/filler tomorrow with Dr Chu’s associate

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Good evening all, I am going for my second subcision tomorrow with Dr CHu’s associate, only this time instead of subcision/prp I am having subcision/filler. 


Ive been quoted 250 for subcision and just wondered how much others are paying roughly for the same treatment? 


Can someone also recommend a Peel they use at home which actually works on them? I’d like to also needle and peel inbeteeen treatments. I’ve had many lasers and seen no results so hopefully I’m going to see results. My scars are on my cheeks and are rolling scars. 


Once ive had my treatments I will post my before and afters for people living in the West Midlands who don’t want to travel to London to see CHu.


thank you! 

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@Cal13 Anil's/Chu's prices were listed on a website. Under schedule of fees. They are extremely cheap compared to most other aesthetics practitioners. Filler of course will be more on top of that.

Glycolic peels work fine to get your feet wet and then TCA peels when your ready for resurfacing. MUAC makes both items (Google). There is a peel guided pinned to the main scar treatments sub, please read it so you know how to peel. 

Goodluck on your treatment,


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How did the subcision/prp with Dr Anil go for you? can you see any improvement? I've just had a consultation with him and he suggested I do subcision, prp, tca cross and rf mirconeedling but said I only need one session of subcision and no fillers. I'm still not sure if I should travel further to see Dr. Chu as he is more experienced. How was your experience with Dr Anil?

Also I think that £250 is very reasonable for subcision with fillers. If it is for just subcision on its own, it’s a little more than I would’ve thought but the price may vary depending on how much scarring you have and it’s still very reasonable.

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Hi, yes My second treatment went fine still a bit swollen and it took much less time than the first treatment... 

I can’t see if there is an improvement yet as it is still swollen but he used a thin filler and fanned it out around my cheek area. 

He said I would benefit from RF microneedling too. My scars are not so deep and they are rolling scars. I mean, I guess I probably would benefit but it’s 375 for sub is ion microneedling and radio frequency and he said an extra 225 for fillers per ml ?!?

what was your opinion of him? I thought he was a lovely man, well spoken but couldn’t help but feel he didn’t have the professionalism I hoped for. Perhaps I’ve been watching Davin Lim too much on YouTube and hoped for someone like him. I didn’t like his clinic either it was a nice room but in a very old rough building which put me off as soon as I arrived (although that doesn’t speak for his work I know) 

He couldn’t remember what he did last time or what we were doing this time I had to remind him. I didn’t get a “plan” of what we will do it was kind of just try a bit of everything. 

But I mean, if you want subcission and don’t want to go to London then do it because he can do it. 

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@Cal13 I felt pretty much the same about him as you described so im not if i should go to someone with more experience. With the improvement,what i meant was if you saw any after the first treatment? He told me that there wouldn't really be a noticeable improvement after the first treatment. Do you have any idea how often he performs subcisions? Also £375 is the same price he quoted me for sub/tca/prp/ rf mirconeedling which i think is actually quite reasonable and yeah fillers are quite expensive.  How was his aftercare after the first treatment?

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