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Experience/data regarding Rogaine (Minoxidil) and collagen?

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Hi all - wondering if there are any users here that use Minoxidil (I'm using Rogaine foam) for their hairline and notice any negative effects regarding skin health/scarring getting worse.

@beautifulambition If you know anything about this cross-section (rogaine and acne scars), any insight you may have would be appreciated too! 

After a few subcisions, I am about to get a laser resurfacing done and would like advice on whether or not to discontinue Rogaine until my skin is healed or if I am just being paranoid.

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@awwshucks Acne scars are related to folicles, so having scared folices could lead to hair loss and scarred tissue typically we loose the ability to grow new hair. Now if they are plugged and Minox as you know makes blood flow, it could help in certain areas. Scarring getting worse could be a underlying condition. Folliculitus, Seborrhea Dermatitis, yeast fungi, or auto immune type conditions like psoriasis. Please have your Dr check you for whatever condition, a good derm or hair loss Dr offer evaluation.  If it get's worse stop, with all drugs if there are side effects. I know it does induce acne in some. Use a ketoconazole shampoo from any store which is a anti-fungal or good old zinc dandruff shampoos. 

I would discontinue 2 weeks before laser and let it heal up before continuing. Why because this drug was developed for the heart / vascular system orig, ... just to be safe.


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Thanks, BA!

I don't think I've personally witnessed my scarring getting any worse due to Rogaine (though who knows with how many variables are tied in!), but I've heard people complain about it before and how Minox made their skin worse (I think there's a study out there linking Minox to systemic collagen depletion, but I can't say I've studied it in depth). 

I stopped using it yesterday and my laser is today, so unfortunately no 2 week buffer as you suggest.

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@awwshucks Take a break and do your procedure, then start when your healed a bit. 

Note this is pseudo science https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/is-minoxidil-really-bad-for-your-skin.59550/

What they are basically talking about is "potential" side effects just like any other medicine once chooses to stop or take based off ROI. 

  1. Hsu CL, Liu JS, Lin AC, Yang CH, Chung WH, Wu WG. Minoxidil may suppress androgen receptor-related functions. Oncotarget. 2014;5(8):2187-97.  Thus this can effect hormones "collagen synthesis in some people""

drugs.com has all the side effects of minoxidil. 

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Has anybody got any tips about how to incorporate  Rogaine/minoxidil into the acne.org regimen? 

Are people moisturising before or after applying rogaine? 

Are you still using AHA? 

How long are you waiting before applying regimen and then rogaine? 

Does minoxidil react badly with any part of the regimen: cleanser/treatment/moisturiser?  

Thanks in advance!

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I use minox. Minox doesn't effect scarring. However, It can act as a vascodialtor and if you use it near subcision or micorneedling, it will make me bleed excessively. I would give it 3-4 days rest before doing any treatments. I used to do the recommended 1ml 2times per day. But since it's greasy I do 2ml once a day. 

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