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Lactic acid 10%

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Hi Guys - 


Has anyone used daily (or every other day) lactic acid 10% peels on their face for an extended period of time? 

I am thinking of doing this to try and help fine lines, large pores, skin tone and moisture and would like to know if it's worth starting this journey.  

Thanks for any input anyone may have. 

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Who would do this daily, you will damage your moisture barrier and have worse skin texture (this is called over exfoliating). If you want to peel get something stronger and do it monthly, alternate with microneedling (derminantor - google it or a manual dermastamp). 

If you are in love with lactic acid, ...Cerave makes a product bumps and pores for psoriasis and eczema (one is for the face), these have lactic and salicylic in them. you can get a higher lactic acid if you like and do it monthly, ... water it down to get a lower dilution to spot test.   I like glycolic peels more for this purpose and the bigger daddy TCA if you build up to it. 

There is a peel guide in the main scar treatments forum, pinned at the top, find more info there how to do a peel. Glycolic would work for this purpose great again. 


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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your reply.

The 10% lactic acid peel is very gentle and is designed to help with moisture, that's why it's a regular treatment. I think people without sensitive skin would be able to use it daily, I would have to use it every 3 days or so though. 

It's been shown that higher percentage peels on a regular basis are far more damaging so I am not sure why you would recommend that ??? 

Glycolic and Salicylic are both quite drying and when I had the really low % of these they both dried my skin out more. 

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Your using acid's for moisturizing purposes, ok. I know Lactic Peels were used by Cleopatra at very ""high levels"" with spoiled milk. You seem to be using them for beauty purposes on a daily basis (never said anything about a regular basis of using acids??), and I use them as a scar/pore/imperfection tool. 

In the Scar Treatment forum as such we use harsher treatments to obtain goals, ... sound like you want to use BHA/AHA for cosmetic, skin care product purposes. The best area to ask questions like this are reddit.com find the skincareaddiction sub and post there, many scientists / aficionados all about skin care.   

We do treat pores with tca cross, and yes that can be damaging in the wrong hands, we also do peels for texture and resurfacing, ... different purposes. But you know what you can handle best. Any of the youtube Guru's will tell you to be careful changing your skin's PH with acids. Salicylic and Glycolic are kerotylitics, meaning they open your pore and clean it out, ... this can be a reason for large pores to being with (trapped sebum - gunk). The acne washes have salicylic for a reason, we moisturize after with a gentle formula. 

I wish you well with your lactic acid daily usage. 

Best, BA

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