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2 "scars"/"lines" out of nowhere

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Hey guys, the photo that I attached shows 2 black arrows that are pointing at a weird/unknown scars.


I've been having them since (not 100% sure) last summer


The red one is pointing at an actual scar (got from mole removal)


Didn't have acne (not serious), basically I don't have acne scars or other unknow/weird marks on my face

Didnt' get cut (surely not that high), and don't have clue what is that and how can I heal it


Anyone could help?

pKFGVcB (1).jpg

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@Drodrodrodro This is a hard one. Very interesting. you need to see a few dermatologists for consultation, preferably a cosmetic dermatologist also called cosmetic. This could be so many things, they need to take a full history of your health, medications, environmental factors, changes. There could be other health factors involved here.  I can't specifically say what it is. They may do tests, pathology, blood work. 

Ok regarding treatment. Subcision(s) and some filler would work under the linear scar.

Most Dr's will want to laser these areas to soften them. 

The chin could have FUE hair transplant to that goatee spot or some medical tattooing to match it. 

IF all else fails they will suggest you get scar revision where a small linear line - sutures (excision) is made instead and then resurfaced. Only do this with a skilled plastic surgeon. 

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The ones you are pointing to with the black arrow look like some scars I (and others) in the AMVC thread have experienced: 


If the scars are coming out of nowhere, it'd be a good indication. Not to drag you down, but there isn't an exact cure for this "disease."

How frequently have these linear scars been forming?

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I have similar lines on my forehead and cheek. I believe mine are hereditary seeing as how my mother and all of her siblings have these marks as well as all of my first cousins. Have you found any new information?

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