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Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo & acne?

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Hi does any one have experience with ortho tricyclen LO and acne? I recently got prescribed this 2 weeks ago and have been taking it, however the past few days I have noticed a big jawline breakout of the clogged pores acne that becomes cystic. I normally struggle with cystic acne, and I w ant to know if anyone has had experience with this control and how your process was. 

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I didn't try ortho tryciclen but I have experience with other birth control pills. I suggest you to contact your doctor as soon as possible. Having breakouts on birth control is not a good sign. Birth control pills give clear skin to most of the people. However, other people (like me and probably also you) may experience the opposite effect. This is because birth control pills can enhance the levels of testosterone in some people, and this leads to acne. If this birth control is enhancing your testosterone levels you should contact your doctor so he gives you a new different birth control that has better effects on you. You should not stop birth control pills completely (as I did) because this can mess your hormones and you may end with even worst breakouts. This happened to me during the past few months, so if you need any more advice you can contact me.

(Sorry about the grammar mistakes, I am not a native speaker).

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Birth control pills can cause fungal acne, which loooks like acne, but is actually caused by fungus, either candida or malasezzia. Try applying topical nystatin cream (often sold as mycostatin) if you can get it in your country, or apply topical clotrimazole cream (often sold as canesten) if you cannot get nystatin cream. You can also try applying topical terbenafine cream (sold as lamisil in many countries) Terbenafine cream will control malasezzia, but will not control candida. Nystatin cream will control candida but not malasezzia. Clotrimazole cream might control either or both fungi.

Candida and malasezzia cause cystic "acne", which is not acne but is a fungal condition. Candida also causes a white tongue, red skin rashes, (tiredness, headaches) sometimes. Malasezzia also causes dandruff and flaking skin, sometimes.

I would seriously reconsider taking birth control pills for anypurpose.

I can provide more advice about controlling candida and malasezzia, if you wish

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Yes. Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo gave me horrible acne.

I dont get how people prescribe it to cure acne when my skin was clear before I took it and it actually CAUSED HORRIBLE breakouts. Get off of it NOW. Its going to take several weeks even after you're off of it for your skin to go back to normal. :(

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