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Using doxycycline alongside cosmetic products

So I recently moved to South Korea and since arriving I’ve had a flare up of acne which I haven’t seen since I was 17. I was prescribed doxycycline and a topical cream back then which worked wonders and for the past few years I’ve only experienced the odd break out and some scarring.

So I went to see a dermatologist here in Korea who again prescribed me the doxycycline but no topical treatments as he said they have minimal affect in his opinion. He also told me not to use ANY other cosmetic products on my skin (no moisturiser, cleansers nothing, just water). I’ve been on the doxycycline for about 25 days now (for some reason he only prescribes me 20 days worth at a time so I’ve been back and got another prescription) and I can already see an improvement. I find it strange though that he is so reluctant for me to use anything other than just the antibiotics, as over the years I’ve used benzoyl peroxide gels which work wonders for any breakouts. 

I also asked him about my scarring and he told me usually the scars fade on their own within a few months and if not you can look into laser treatments “but these treatments only have a 50% success rate”. Obviously, being in Korea the home of skin care, there’s hundreds of products which claim to help with scarring and seem to have great reviews. So I’m very curious to try some of them out just to see if they’ll help my skin. However being told by the dermatologist not to use ANY cosmetic products is obviously putting me off.

I’m wondering if anyone else who has been on doxycycline has had a similar warning form their dermatologist about avoiding putting anything else on your skin. My actual acne I’d say is on the mild-moderate side and I think it’s the redness and scarring which makes it look worse than it is. Which is why I’m curious to try out some topical products.

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