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Update from 38 year old male

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I'm posting this as a follow up to my previous frustrated post.  I'm finally seeing some clearing so there is some light at the end of this tunnel, but I've basically resigned myself to treating acne more or less forever.  Anyway I'm giving an update on my regimen just in case it helps some people.

1)  benzoyl peroxide:  I continue to use because what else can I do?  It's either use bp or get big inflammatory lesions that take forever to heal and leave scars - but, I do think it's possible to decrease bp; I'm down to a thin film all over my face once a day at night, but in the near future I may attempt to decrease to just on the sides of my temple and cheeks, which I may have to use forever

2)  salycilic acid:  I tried recently out of desperation, it's been awhile since i've used it; I'm currently on 2% pads, works well as a sort of aftershave since I still get whiteheads around lips and chin, but even then it just feels good to use all over; do not dismiss salycilic acid, I think it's useful

3)  neutrogena light mask:  basically this is combo blue/red light which you use once daily for 10 min., which is pretty doable; I think it's finally helping, if you do start this, be aware it can be several weeks before you see improvement, but with consistent use you begin to notice some fading and evening out of skin color and texture which is appreciated; this comes with an "activator" which limits you to 30 uses, but you can buy an aftermarket battery kit which gives you unlimited use

4)  glycolic acid:  not acne treatment per say but I think it does smooth out the discoloration a little; honestly, I've always been a bit disappointed in glycolic acid but again, what else can I do, I need something to help fight the scars


So that's basically my new regimen.  Of course there's other stuff to talk about but I'll leave it there for now.  In fact, you really don't need glycolic acid so if you just want to do bp + salycilic acid + light therapy, I think you may find some success.  I think this combo is pretty cheap and doable, let's hope it lasts.

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