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Where to buy Legit 100% TCA for cross?

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i see alot of people doing home TCA cross for icepick scarring, but i saw alot of comments saying to be careful because there is no way to know how legit it is, anyone knows a trustable source? thanks

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@ajaxz Hi there, this post is actually against forum rules. 100% TCA Acid is illegal to obtain under many countries laws and can cause severe damage, ... you have to have a Dr's license. Yes I get you will tell me you can buy part repair cleaner often from China on Amazon, ... look at the reviews, cringe-worthy.  I get one of these ever few months. The person does not realize there is many side effects to using such a high high acid and often unrepeatable damage is made with ongoing treatments by people who are not aware of the skill and complexity of doing such a thing. They watch youtube videos and think it's so easy, ... slap it on the skin, and freak out when they have severe burns. "Some," doctors are trained to handle the acid and as such can look for signs of harm and use it in a customized form. Not everyone can use 100% acid. Many Dr's also make mistakes using it. But the 35% TCA and you do multi coat with 5 applications and move up to 10 if your using it for cross. There is a whole guide how to do TCA Cross in the scar treatments main sub, pinned on top. Read that to avoid mistakes. If you have ethnic skin please look into a practitioner as the treatment is substantially more complicated. If you do find it, please do not let the forums know and do so in private. We have young adults and children here who can cause severe harm to themselves.

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