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advice/reassurance on accutane!

hi everyone .. I'm a 15 year old girl with moderate-severe acne and I've had acne since I was around 11. I turned 15 last august so am around 15 and a half now. nothing and I mean NOTHING got rid of my acne over these years, I literally tried everything, so I went to a derm and asked what I could do. he offered me Accutane. obviously at first I was a bit sceptical about going for it because of all the reviews, but then I was so desperate for my acne to go away that I figured i'd try everything. I weigh around 41kg (i'm only 5'1" that's why lol) so for month 1 I was given a dose of 20mg a day. during that first month I got very dry lips and kind of dry skin - nothing major and nothing moisturizer and lip balm couldn't solve :). I got a few extra spots here and there which I heard was all normal so that's okay, and they all ended up going away and that's about it. after a month when I went to the derm for my next set of pills he upped my dose to 30mg. I was quite happy about this because it meant it might get rid of my acne faster, and the side effects hadn't been too bad so they would probably only get a bit stronger. in the first week of 30mg ALOT of my spots had cleared and I was honestly so happy like maybe they are finally going! I am now going into my third week on 30mg and honestly my skin has never been worse! I have cysts in places I've never had them before, and so much more acne, bigger acne, redder acne and angrier acne! and some of them have left scars already! (I have scars but they aren't too bad - def not as bad as the acne). honestly all my friends are so supportive with my skin when I complain about it, and im scared to even see my bestfriend!  I don't even want to step out of the house to get a coffee, forget going to school! I'm starting to wish I had never started! it was better before I started! honestly please someone tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel I really need reassurance right now :(. and if anyone has gone through this with Accutane, if you have any advice on things that helped control it or something then please share it! thank you for reading I really appreciate it and any replies would honestly help so much because im literally not comfortable seeing anyone apart from my mum right now xx

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