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Recovery after deep needling (pics)

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I had deep needling and Voluma filler to treat an ice pick scar three days ago. It still looks very bad (photo from before treatment and a few from now) and the registered provider has now put me on precautionary antibiotics. Will this heal???

I’m panicked. My provider still thinks I’ll get a good result but I have to start covering with make up and am unclear how to clean this off.


Thanks thanks and thanks again




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@Nylon88 Run from whoever did this, they are absolutely not qualified. 

Why would anyone use Voluma on a ice pick scar? Makes no since. You had a tiny scar. See how it heals and then go from there, give is several weeks as the scar might regenerate some. 

The treatments for your icepick would have been tca cross, or punch exicision. Perhaps goto 3 other dermatologists (aesthetic or cosmetic) and or plastic surgeons for consult. Pick the best one. 

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It looks like a boxscar to me. The damaged area exceeded the scar limit, it doesnt even look like it was a needling procedure, it looks like a deep burn from TCA if i would guess

this wound will take several weeks to heal, there is no way to predict how it will heal, just keep it moist and dont go ever again to this "professional" who did this.

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