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Water and less dairy

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Hi. I recently joined and just wanted to share a possible solution for some people. I know we are all different, but the most helpful thing I have ever done for my skin is to start drinking lots of water. I started on 5 litres a day and now drink between 3 and 5 a day. I've been doing this for a few years and it has vastly improved my skin to the point where I have actually stopped worrying about it. 

I did combine this with avoiding too much dairy (particularly milk), adding some antioxidant foods such as almonds, red cabbage and kidney beans, and making sure I took a vitamin D.

However, I'm sure it is the water that's the main help as it also improved my hair which was becoming straggly and thin. Obviously my skin needs a lot of hydration and other people might be the same.

It's really hard to convince people that just drinking water could help. It probably seems too simple, but I would definitely give it a go. After many years suffering from acne (I'm in my early forties) I finally feel as though I have it under control. Not cured but also not stopping me from living my life.

Sorry for long first post but I thought it could be of help.

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