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How can I treat these acne scars / bumps on my nose?

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When I was 15-17, I got a lot of acne on my nose which left scars up until now (I am 21 now).
The bumps are very noticeable as they are big and I got too many. I've tried many products on my nose, but so far none have worked at all.
Below are some pictures
Please let me know some treatments




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Me, you and several other members are in the same boat as you. These arent severe lesions like rhynophyma, so it seems that there are no optimal approach in regards this condition, since a small percentage of acne scarred people get these.
Alot of methods can be performed to help diminish/ flatten them. But it depends on the hands performing i guess. I suffer from my nose bumps for 8 years and i never managed to find a professional that could take care of them. The majority dont want to mess with it, saying that it could make the scars/bumps even worse. The other offer laser treatments that wont work.

From what ive learned all these years, the best approach is eletrocauterization / steroid injection followed by co2 laser, if it could be well performed i think, u can achieve great results. But in my experience, is very rare to find someone skilled to do that. So i recommend u go for the best Docs aswell the recommended Docs in this forum if u can


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@needhelpplz Check out the link below. you need steriod injections into the hypertrophic scars, then you use silicone patches over them, see your pharmacy scar section. The Dr will most likely laser your case or do electrosurgery to scrape them off. Bumps like this can be caused by excess Mucus, ... see if you can cut back on things like dairy, and alcohol . 


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