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{Help!} Nose Scars (after TCA 30% and Fraxel)

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Hi all,

Does anyone kind soul have a solution to nose Scars? 

I have seen a Singapore doctor Joyce Lim who have performed Fraxel but there is no results. 

I have previously used TCA 30% 3 times, once every 2 weeks but to avail.

I have been trying to fix them for 8 years but to no avail. Anyone has a solution? Thank you! :)


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First of all this has been covered sooooo many times.  Goto the scar treatments main forum, on the top see hypertrophic scarring, there are other posts in there. 

Typically your sort of case would be treated with a combo of tca cross, and co2 laser. Go on youtube look up "Rhinophyma." As you will see the common treatment is aggressive laser, not fraxel for this, . The nose does not heal like other places on the body, it's cartilage, like your ear. Also lots of sweat glands here. A alternative if nothing else works is to find a plastic surgeon who does excision and have them do punch excision, then resurface. 

TCA 30% is going to do nothing, ... goto a better Dr and have them do the TCA Cross with a high percentage % to start with. 

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