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Hi everyone, I haven't been on here in years, but I'm having a bit of a makeup removal crisis at the moment and really need to ask some advice from you all about it. If you're not up for reading the details please skip the big paragraph and read from there to the end.


So my issue is that I've had to change foundations because the one that  has been my steadfast foundation for years has been discontinued (grrrr). However, the new one I've found is much more stubborn to get off than my old one, so I've been trying different makeup removal wipes in my attempts to get it off. One of the ones I've found gets it off beautifully - it melts away and doesn't irritate my skin too much (my skin is crazy sensitive and very prone to blowing up red like a tomato when it gets irritated). BUT the big issue is that it is really oily and packed full of comedogenic ingredients, the first ingredient on the list being Isopropyl Palmitate. So I continued my search and tried some sensitive skin micellar based wipes without any major comedogenic ingredients in. These don't irritate my skin much in themselves, but they really really struggle to remove the makeup, so last night I ended up using four wipes and rubbing my poor skin for ages trying to get this stubborn foundation off. Result: my skin is really red and irritated this morning! But it is also breaking out, which I'm worried is because of using the oily wipes to remove my makeup on Saturday. Or that could be completely unrelated. Or it could actually be the new foundation but I have checked the ingredients in that so rigorously that I would seriously hope not. Or it could just be random. Anyway I'm babbling....


I guess my question really is.... how important are comedogenic ingredients like oils in face wipes? If I wash it all off very thoroughly after using it, will it still break me out? Is a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil going to be enough to get that oily residue off the surface or is it likely to stay and cause problems later? Is rubbing endlessly with the sensitive ones preferable? Or is there any other way to successfully remove makeup from extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin? (that isn't micellar water because I've tried that and cotton wool with no joy before). 


Thank you for taking the time to read this and please please give me your thoughts and opinions! 

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Can't believe this has had 135 views and nobody has any thoughts on it at all. I was relying on you guys as the true acne experts to ask about this! :( 

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Have you tried a oil cleanser and then face wash? There's many balm cleansers that are made from oils and they are effective for removing makeup gentily. It might sound counter intuitive to use oil on oily skin, but it's really not that bad. 

after rinsing off the oil cleanser, a cleansing facewash as a second step ought to do the trick. After removing makeup, don't forget to moisturise your skin. 

I don't recommend using wipes or anything abrasive on the skin. redness is a sign of irritated and sensitive skin. We need to be gentle with our skin.

I currently use Farmacy green clean cleansing balm, and my skintype is combination oily and dry.

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