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I am having these acne since i was 15 years old. But i am recently in japan from last 1 year after coming to japan my acne become worse i went to japanese dermatologist but the medicene didnt work they treated my acne by giving vitamin b2 b6 tablets and differin gel 0.1% but after using one month my acne doesnt stops. Then i tried a next acne control gel from local store at first 2 -7 days it worked then it doesnt work out and now i am using benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel i am using it from 3 days ago but my acne is not fading away i saw the review of benzoyl peroxide people says the acne starts fading in 2 -3 days but mine doesnt what to do now ? And i mention to forget that i also used apple cider vinegar for 2 months but it didnt work.. hope benzoyl peroxide do


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Hi, the topical creams from the dermatologist usually take at least 3 months to really work. I would suggest going back to what your dermatologist prescribed, and maybe a benzoyl peroxide face wash (2.5 %) on top of that to help. I personally would avoid ACV; I used it a lot in the past but it makes the skin really really dry (which leads to more acne). What you likely need is a really strong moisturizer (a heavy one before bed, and a lighter one during the day). I've also suffered from acne my whole life, and the best things that work for me always come from the dermatologist. When I stopped using the dermatologist prescriptions (because of moving, insurance issues, or money issues) the acne always came back. But it's long process--definitely give the dermatologist meds another try and after 3 months if it doesn't improve, then try another dermatologist.

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