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Bleached Shirts

(pictures) Rash that doesn't itch and is not dry

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Posted (edited)

I would appreciate help in identifying this rash.  I've had it for at least three months.  Honestly, it might have been more than a year; I just wasn't paying close attention.  It does not burn, itch, or show any symptoms of being dry.  I wouldn't even know I had it without a mirror.

I only use benzoyl peroxide on my nose and chin.  I used to use Cetaphil facial cleanser, but just tried CeraVe facial cleanser this morning.  I stopped using the acne.org moisturizer four days ago and have been using plain argan oil (just tried CeraVe PM facial moisturizer this morning).  I have tried three different shaving creams over the past month, so I know those are not the issue.

I was hoping the change off of the acne.org moisturizer would help but no difference yet.

All help is appreciated.


BTW: Those are just earplugs, not a hearing aid.  I was in the middle of homework. :smileys_n_people_30:





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Yes, it could be fungal.

Bleached shirts - Have you taken antibiotics ? Do you have a white tongue (which indicates that candida fungus is causing the acne like symptoms). Do you have dandruff or seborhheic dermatitis (which indicates that malasezzia fungus is causing the acne like symptoms).

The condition looks like fungal acne caused by candida to me (but it could be fungal acne caused by malasezzia). Outbreaks of fungal acne due to candida (or malasezzia, which is a different fungus from candida, but which also causes similar acne-like symptoms) are CAUSED by taking antibiotics (and some other meds).

The red rash associated with the acne like symptoms is indicative of candida, but malasezzia also causes skin redness. 

Do NOT use any moisturisers or any organic oils on the affected areas of your skin.  Organic oils FEED malasezzia fungus, and all fungi LOVE moisture. Keep you skin dry and use a special towel or disposable paper towels to dry it. Wash your hands before touching your skin.

I can provide more information when  hear back from you with answers to the above questions. Applying the correct topical antifungal cream for your condition is likely to treat the problem. Your answers to the above questions will allow me to provide information about which antifungal cream to apply.

You can use an antidandruff shampoo in the meantime, as antidandruff shampoos are antifungal. Dandruff is caused by malasezzia fungus.  

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