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Cannula Subcision + Filler?

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Hi, I am considering cannular subcision given I have many shallow scars across the cheeks. Would it be better to have the filler done on the same day as the cannula subcision or perhaps after a few weeks? 


Additionally, what should one expect from healing time for cannula subcision? I have had Nokor subcision in the past that left blood marks and bruises for a month. I have only a week for healing this time around.




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@Novai95 One must be careful when doing filler on shallow surface scars as it can cause bumps. You want a very soft filler like Beletero. I would do it when the swelling goes down weather a week or if you need 2. If it left it for "months" to heal before, so your a slower healer and as such it could take a long time to heal from whatever you do. Cannula will cause less trauma but you still will need some healing time. 

Expect from the healing time from cannula sub, swelling, perhaps some bruising. Makeup is often used like a concealer if needed or tinted suncreen, dermablend makes one for surgery procedures that even guys use to spot treat. 

Other than that you know your body best and as such we would have to see how you respond, but it will be less than Nokor. Many go back to work after either procedure even with some swelling. 

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