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My Subcision PRP and Laser Acne Scar Correction

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@beautifulambition should my doctor have marked out the regions of the acne scars that he was going to do subcision on? He did everything by eye which kind of worries me.

The doctor here is much more precise.


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@HopeNew Hi there I thought you were going to take a break away from this site for some peace of mind ;-)

I don't know why your even considering Taylor Liberator with Dr Taylor. This is very drastic, last ditch sorta thing where you don't care if it goes bad. Doing 5 things at once is not a natural choice of healing. There can be side effects. I have had to deal with the after effects of some of the patients and they feel they are ruined. They took the gamble and lost. I of course advocate proper healing between treatments for natural results and evaluation of hat works and does not for you individually. 

Regarding ""dots,"" ... no a Dr does not need to mark your face. Every Dr is different in their approach to treatment.  If you goto a good Dr goto someone with a good eye for detail (discuss during consult what could be done and you will see this trait). There are plenty of choices where you live.

But I am not confused by your above statement that you were happy so far with your results and seemed more content while healing. 

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