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Epiduo (tactupump forte in canada) !!!

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Hello everyone, 

My name is Mariame and i'm a canadian from Montreal. I've been having acne for a good 6 years now and i've tried everything from lotions, diets , antibiotics and i can go on and on. If you're reading this article it's always the same thing for everyone that suffers with acne BUT.. i need some advices because i'm loosing my mind over it! I have a mild to moderate acne and even if everyone around me tells me that its not that bad well guess what?! IT IS! and recently i changed my dermatologist because the other one prescribed me minocycline for 3 months (started on sept 2018 and finished on december 2018)  and after the first month my skin was FLAWLESS!! no breakouts no nothing and i was totally in love and super confident about myself but then when i stopped the treatment it went bad! It was really bad even worse than my acne before.So after that i took a break of another 2 months to see if my skin would just go back to normal and it didnt so after that i went to my dermatologist (that i am currently with) and he prescribed me Epiduo but its called tactupump forte in canada and ive been trying that for almost 3 weeks now and my skin is a disaster!!!!!! It is sooo red and irritated and its peeling like crazy. i was putting the cream after my moisturizing lotion every night of only one pump as recommended but after 1 week it started to be really bad. now i tried to wait so my skin could heal a bit and two days ago i started it again to try the epiduo but as i was seeing a slight change on my break outs when i stopped using it for 3 days IT got worse again... ive been taking pictures of my face just so i can do a follow up on the situation. I honnestly dont know what to do??? i know that theres the purge period but i dont know if i should continue the treatment? Am i applying it the right way? Is my skin devlopping a resistance?? 

(btw my first language is french so i know i made a lot of mistakes :) )

Can you guys help me see more clear in this situation!!


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