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Tips for keeping acne at bay after roaccutane?

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I'm about a month away from finishing my second course of roaccutane. I took my first course from September 2016 to March 2017, and had clear skin for about 18 months before my cystic acne came back. I started my second course in August 2018 and will finish 15th March 2019 (it could not come any sooner). 

I wondered if anyone else had found the second course enough to clear them up for good? I'm starting to think about what I can do to prevent a third course, this time the dryness, eye infections and nose bleeds have been so bad that I just don't think I could hack another course. I've also had to cover the cost of both courses privately (no insurance) so I've easily spent over £6000 on roaccutane treatment. I just can't afford another course.

I asked my dermatologist about prevention post roaccutane but she said that I wouldn't need anything in particular. I'm wary of this given that I relapsed after the first course. I've seen some people recommended using topical retinoids as soon as treatment ends - does anyone have experience of this?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. When off medication my skin isn't oily, it is very dehydrated and I never got over the redness after my first course. What products do people use? I have been using oils but am worried about clogging. 

Any tips re. diet etc? I have already cut out dairy as I eat vegan diet. 

Any advice would be so much appreciated!! Thanks 

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1 minute ago, gutskinaxis said:

Be really careful about vegan diet if you are taking accutane! You need B vitamins! Accutane depletes B12.


To keep acne at bay just remember low sugar low glycemic load.

Thanks, I did not know this! Luckily I have been taking my B12 supplements, but I will be sure to be careful with this. Reducing sugar is definitely something I will try to do.

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