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Suffer From Nosebleeds, Considering Accutane *Sigh*

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Hey all, I’m a 19 year old male and I am currently considering going on Accutane as my current antibiotic just doesn’t seem to be working. I started on Minocycline (I think that’s how it’s spelled) about a year ago and though it definitely improved my acne, my body seems to have gotten used to it and I’m starting to breakout again. I’ve switched to Tetracycline about 2 weeks ago and I can already tell it’s not going to work as my acne has started to return to what it was almost a year ago. I have horribly deep and swollen pimples under the skin along my jaw line and i’ve honestly had enough. The next option in my opinion is Accutane, however, I broke my nose many years ago and since then suffer from severe nosebleeds (mostly during the dry winter months). These nosebleeds absolutely terrify me as they are horribly bloody and last a while. I ended up in the ER last year from a nosebleed that gushed for close to 2 hours. I’ve learned to constantly moisturize with Vaseline and nasal sprays so I haven't had a nosebleed since. So anyway, my question is, if I do go on Accutane and continue my moisturizing what are the chances of me being able to avoid nosebleeds from Accutane?

*I apologize for the long post I just don’t think I have any other options to get rid of my acne*



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I got frequent nose bleeds from roaccutane due to dryness on the inside of my nose. I found using a nasal spray (I use a gel one that I bought in the US in Walgreens, but have also bought them in the UK) worked really well. If you are already using that I think you may well be able to avoid the roaccutane-induced nose bleeds. I would recommend trying roaccutane on a very low dose to start with, and increasing very gradually to ensure you don't get nose bleeds. The drug really does work wonders (although I did need a second course). The only thing I would watch out for: for me flying was horrible, the dry air made my nose bleed horribly! Hope this helps!

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